On Quitting

Less that a month until I go back to school, and I haven’t written a single entry. When I entered med school, I was pretty determined to keep on writing entries for this blog and my beauty blog. I even had plans for my next few entries. However, I found that the urge to write here lessened and lessened. First it was because I chose to do other things during my free time. Med school is pretty demanding, and being an average student (or maybe lower), I had to work harder than my overachieving classmates. Med school taught me a lot, but also made me feel small and insignificant. Studying took most of my time.

When I’m not studying, it almost feels like my brain doesn’t want to think of anything else. So, I spend my free time sleeping (which became my favorite thing to do since I started med school), or just watching vlogs, and catching up on episodes of my favorite series. Watching series and movies on my laptop have been my favorite ways to de-stress, since they’re easily accessible.

Needless to say, blogging is not even on the top 15 things I would do when I’m not studying, even though it used to be on the top 5 things I loved doing. Blogging came after playing with my dog, spending time with family, watching movies, sleeping, eating, and many other things.

That is why I’m thinking of not blogging anymore. 😦 It saddens me when people ask me what happened to Foodie Fridays, or when I’m going to make a new post because they’ve been waiting long. I realized I’ve been continuously disappointing my friends and readers. 😦 During the Christmas break I was planning to write about my first trip to Hong Kong, but the second trip took most of my time.

During my second trip, I took pictures of food, planning to make Foodie Fridays out of them, but I never did. I even committed to writing reviews for some authors and a known online store, which I never got to do. 😦 I feel really bad for disappointing a lot of people. It was like giving false hope to you all, and I really regret doing that.

Bottom line is I want to stop writing so that I don’t  disappoint anymore. Does that even make sense? I know I’ll disappoint you for not writing anymore, but at least I’m not giving you false hope…. ?


To the people who continue to comment and subscribe to this blog, I apologize and thank you all. I still reply to comments, though. And your comments still make me happy.

To the people who have been waiting, I’m really, really, sorry.

Merry Christmas!

IMG_2424 copy

Dad’s still in Hong Kong. We’re going there again soon!

Hoping that you are happily spending your Christmas with your families!


Random Rants:

  • I still haven’t blogged about Hong Kong! How sad is that?
  • I took a lot of Foodie pics from Hong Kong! More to come!
  • I’m so excited to be spending the Holidays in another country. Especially when it’s hot here in the Philippines, and a little (or a lot, given this heat) colder in Hong Kong

My 23rd

A super late post about my birthday. My birthday was during the latter part of October, as some of you might remember from last year. I didn’t have anything planned, since I was waiting for some (bad) news, and I didn’t feel like celebrating. The bad news came and I cried my eyes out. I’m telling you this to explain why I look like crap in the pictures. Haha!

Anyway, the bad news is all good now. I was able to turn it around.

I’m not writing this to be able to NOT tell you about the bad news, but to just show off my amazing friends! They chose a different time to “surprise” me this year. Birthday surprises kind of became a tradition that they don’t really surprise us anymore. It’s just a matter of when we choose to do it. Haha!

They made me happy that day. They totally cheered me up with their balloons and mustache!

Hope you also have awesome friends by your side!


Random Rants:

  • Thought I’d write a second entry today and post it in the middle of my exam week. So by the time this goes out, I’m probably taking a very difficult test. Haha!
  • We don’t have Monday classes, yay!
  • I won’t be going home this weekend. Hope the time away from family would be productive!

Every Other Two Months?

So, is blogging every other 2 months a thing for me now? I really hope not. Remember when I used to blog almost every day? I miss that.

A lot, lot, lot has happened, and this wouldn’t be my catching up entry. It’s the Friday before out first major exams! Wish me luck!

I would just like to show you guys what will be keeping me company for my exam week!

Dolce Gusto Piccolo

My new Dolce Gusto Piccolo! I’ve had it for a week now. I chose Vanilla Latte Macchiato for the free capsules. I already purchased a stronger flavor, Lungo, for my exam week.

The thing about this that I liked the least, is that you have to measure the water you put in the maker, since it turns all the water you put, into coffee. I learned that the hard way, though. I placed the maximum amount of water, and it just didn’t stop. I made a big mess, and wasted a capsule. 😦 Anyway, after that, it was all good! I use a measuring cup, just to be on the safe side. I love it!

A box of the special flavors (Vanilla Latte, Caramel Macchiato, etc.), makes 8 cups. That’s 50 pesos each cup. Way cheaper than Starbucks. The stronger flavors make 16 cups per box, which at 25 pesos, is even cheaper. You could just buy the Espresso one, and then add milk and sugar. Espresso wasn’t available at SM North, so I got the last box of Lungo. It’s almost the same, anyway.

That’s it for my entry for today. I just had to post about my coffee maker. Oh! Look at my adorable cupcake cup! Little things make my day brighter! 🙂

Don’t miss me too much!


I bought the coffee maker with my own money. This is not a very detailed review so why should I explain myself? Haha!

Random Rants:

  • I have this new obsession with cups, mugs, tumblers, and the like. I have more cups than plates here in my dorm room.
  • I posted entries a month ago on my beauty blog, be sure to check that out at Beauty Rants by Thea
  • I asked my friends to come with me to SM North just to be able to buy my Caffe Lungo
  • I don’t have time to blog because whenever I have time, I choose to sleep
  • Every Thursday, I sleep like I haven’t slept for a week. No text message or alarm could wake me up. I’m like Sleeping Beauty. Only my true love’s kiss would wake me up, and no one here would be able to give me that! Ha!

Catching Up: Random Jumbles

It has been about 2 months since my last post. I’ve really been busy because the first semester just ended. I’m not going to say that I survived it just yet, I’m still waiting for one exam result. Please pray with me for this one!

Anyway, I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about. My med life isn’t an interesting one. However, being a sheltered, semi-spoiled(?) girl that I am, I can say that I learned a lot from my first semester. Most of the things I learned were from living alone, and away from my family.

Damn! It has been so long that I don’t know how to write anymore. The only time we are forced to write in medicine, are for the crappy reaction papers we have to submit for the minor subjects. Haha!

I don’t know how to update my readers in an orderly fashion, so I’m just going to do what I always do, rant randomly.

Since my last entry was in August, I thought I’d start with that month.

August was my mom’s birthday month. I made it a point to come home that weekend to be able to celebrate it with her.

Here are crappy-quality pictures from my sister’s iPhone.

I love musicals so much! I loved The Phantom of the Opera movie, and I’m so happy to be able to watch the play.

I even got a souvenir! 🙂

For September, I think the major event was the Med Night. It is that night when med students are forced to have fun and party. Haha! It was up to us if we wanted to go to the party, but we had to pay for it whether we’re going or not. Might as well go, right? Since most of my classmates were bringing their boyfriends/girlfriends, I thought I’d bring friends and invited my closest friends to come with me. Majority of them were busy with school (med school)/work, Audi was the only one available.

Hanging out in the ladies’ room (watching drunk girls throw up, and other fun stuff).

Speaking of boyfriends…

Jerome and I are still on the journey to our happily ever after. I don’t know if I already mentioned that he’s back in Texas, but yeah, he is. We still talk a lot on Skype. When we’re too busy, we just Viber. I love it when he sends me pictures, whether it’s of himself or what he’s doing.

What he looks like on a normal day at work

Aaaand of course, I send him pictures too.

What I look like on a normal day at school. Sorry for scaring you. Haha

This is the closest you’re gonna get to a picture of us together in our uniforms. Plus we can clearly see that Jerome’s front camera has better quality than mine. Unless he used the main camera. Haha! That’s Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4 for you!

Med school made me gain weight. I don’t know how, but it just did. Or maybe i know how…

Baby Back Ribs and Pink Lollipop (drink)

Food from Read and Brew. This is not a typical meal for me. If it were, I won’t be able to save. I remember getting this because I was sad. I needed something to cheer me up, and this meal did just that. I guess I’m gaining weight  because I’m almost always sad from med stress and being away from my loved ones. Haha!

By the way, my typical meal if you’re wondering, is canned corned tuna mixed with ten-peso rice. 😉

One tipid trick is ordering the two piece Chicken Joy meal from Jollibee. I split the rice in half, and eat one piece of chicken with half rice, and save the other half for my next meal. Haha! Before you start thinking that my parents are leaving me to starve, I’m going to tell you that they give me enough money for food! I’m just saving for our Hong Kong trip this month.

I’m enjoying my break so far. Especially that I’m home right now. I’m home to my Rayka, and to my mom that cooks free food! I’m home to free internet! I’m home to a place with TV! I sleep for more than four hours!! Even if I brought the stress of worrying about my grades home, there are still a lot to be thankful for.

I am also reading a non-med book!

This book is by a stand-up comedian named HogWild. I’m still on my first few pages, and I’m already enjoying it! I’m going to talk about it more when I finish reading it. If you want to read it with me, it’s available on Kindle (click here). I plan to read as many non-med books as I can this semestral break!

That’s it for my update in the form of random ranting!

I’m sorry for not being able to respond to comments right away. Rest assured, I read and reply to each one! I’m happy that I still receive comments and e-mails, even when I haven’t written regularly for months.

Hope you enjoyed this entry! I will write more during the break, just as soon as I have something to write about! 🙂


Foodie Friday: Seafood Island

Long time no Foodie Friday! I’ve been really busy. I know I explained that in my last entry so let’s just get on with the FF!

It’s been a while since I tried a new restaurant. The visit to Seafood Island was somewhat spontaneous. My friends and I were just going to TechnoHub to study, but decided to have dinner first.

What we ordered:

Binagoongan Baboy

One friend of mine is a big fan of Binagoongang Baboy. I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to order that. Haha!

Sizzling Sisig

One of my orders, I think I was craving for sisig back then. It was good and satisfying, but not comparable to my favorite places to get sisig (Gilligan’s and Gerry’s).

Kinilaw na Tuna

My dad makes great kinilaw na tanigue or tuna, and I grew up loving it. For me, this version lacked sourness and spice, but was good nonetheless.

Bicol Express

Why did I even include this picture when I don’t have anything to say about it? I’m scared of Bicol Express. I tasted the real thing during my visit to Bicol when I was a lot younger. I guess I didn’t like it then, and I’m still not ready to give it a chance now. 😆

Kalkag Rice

I originally wanted the shrimp rice, but they were out of it when we visited. I chose the Kalkag rice next, it’s still shrimp after all. It was good. We ordered the large plate, which was too much, even for four people.

I don’t think I can really review this restaurant properly, when we only had the rice and kinilaw for “seafood”. Haha! However, I think that Seafood Island is an ideal place for big families, or for celebrations. They have a lot of group meals called Boodles, that can serve 5-7 people. From what I read from other people’s review, the Boodles are worth every piso. 😛

The branch we visited was at UP Ayala TechnoHub, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Foodie Friday. I hope I can do this again soon!
Feel free to read or reread my other Foodie Friday entries here!


Random Rants:

  • Midterms week! It’s depressing, really.
  • I’m blogging to de-stress. I’m also watching my fave YouTuber, emilynoel83!
  • Oh how my miss the carefree life.
  • This entry was poorly done. I even forgot to put watermarks! Ha! Too lazy to do that now. Pictures were iPhone pics, anyway!
  • If you’re reading this right after it was published, I’m currently taking an exam! (Imagine me really focused, possibly fidgeting)

Hello! It’s been a while!

Not much!
How ’bout you?

Yes, please sing the title with the first part of this entry!

Hello, hello! Did you miss me?

I have been terribly busy. I think it has been a month since my last entry, and a whole lot has happened!
I know I should’ve written at least one entry over the Habagat break (the string of class suspensions), but I was so preoccupied during that time.

But, yay! It’s again a long break for a tired girl like me. I am just 3 months into med school, and I’m considering quitting. Yay for quitters! Not really. I really want this, but it gets too hard, mentally and emotionally, sometimes. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about that!

This is the longest time I spent at home since I started school. It’s my fourth night at home! Tomorrow I’m heading back to the dorm. 😦

Today has been an eventful family day. My mom, sister, and I, ate lunch at Fish & Co.

Fish and Chips from Fish & Co.

Click here to view my Foodie Friday entry on Fish & Co.

After, we got Happy Lemon!

Happy Lemon Milk Tea with Oreo

Mom also got me new Crocs! I’ve been complaining that my school shoes always get wet during the rainy days. It’s a pain really, I always have to clean it and let it dry every day. Now, I have these!

New Crocs for the rainy days

I don’t really care for Crocs, but they’re comfy and waterproof!! So convenient!

When I came home, there was a golden dog that was ready to play! And so we did!

Rayka the Golden Dog

Click here to view a whole entry about the Golden Dog.

And that was the end of my happy day, because after this entry it’s back to stuDYING! 😦

Thank you for staying tuned!


Random Rants:

  • I wrote an entry for my beauty blog, too! It’s not out yet, though! You can read it when it comes out, here
  • I’m too full to function. I just ate dinner and now I’m sleepy!! Boohoo
  • Sooo.. Did you guys miss me? Naaaat!!