Hello! It’s been a while!

Not much!
How ’bout you?

Yes, please sing the title with the first part of this entry!

Hello, hello! Did you miss me?

I have been terribly busy. I think it has been a month since my last entry, and a whole lot has happened!
I know I should’ve written at least one entry over the Habagat break (the string of class suspensions), but I was so preoccupied during that time.

But, yay! It’s again a long break for a tired girl like me. I am just 3 months into med school, and I’m considering quitting. Yay for quitters! Not really. I really want this, but it gets too hard, mentally and emotionally, sometimes. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about that!

This is the longest time I spent at home since I started school. It’s my fourth night at home! Tomorrow I’m heading back to the dorm. 😦

Today has been an eventful family day. My mom, sister, and I, ate lunch at Fish & Co.

Fish and Chips from Fish & Co.

Click here to view my Foodie Friday entry on Fish & Co.

After, we got Happy Lemon!

Happy Lemon Milk Tea with Oreo

Mom also got me new Crocs! I’ve been complaining that my school shoes always get wet during the rainy days. It’s a pain really, I always have to clean it and let it dry every day. Now, I have these!

New Crocs for the rainy days

I don’t really care for Crocs, but they’re comfy and waterproof!! So convenient!

When I came home, there was a golden dog that was ready to play! And so we did!

Rayka the Golden Dog

Click here to view a whole entry about the Golden Dog.

And that was the end of my happy day, because after this entry it’s back to stuDYING! 😦

Thank you for staying tuned!


Random Rants:

  • I wrote an entry for my beauty blog, too! It’s not out yet, though! You can read it when it comes out, here
  • I’m too full to function. I just ate dinner and now I’m sleepy!! Boohoo
  • Sooo.. Did you guys miss me? Naaaat!!

2 responses to “Hello! It’s been a while!

  1. Yes, I think all your readers missed ya!

    BTW, does Fish & Co have bottles of Malt Vinegar to sprinkle on their fish & chips? I was happy earlier this month to find many bottles of Heinz Malt Vinegar on the shelves at SM Supermarket. I bought two bottles! Fish and chips is one of my favorite dishes and we use cream dory fish here in Bacolod to make our fish and chips.

    I wish you the best in your studies and I am sure you will appreciate your efforts one day.

    ~ Gary ~

    • Thank you!

      The fish & chips were served with the usual sauce platter that was in my Foodie Friday (originally with 3 kinds of sauce). Although I’m sure you can ask for vinegar. My sister always requests a different sauce that’s not on the platter, and they always give it free of charge. 🙂

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