Foodie Friday: Seafood Island

Long time no Foodie Friday! I’ve been really busy. I know I explained that in my last entry so let’s just get on with the FF!

It’s been a while since I tried a new restaurant. The visit to Seafood Island was somewhat spontaneous. My friends and I were just going to TechnoHub to study, but decided to have dinner first.

What we ordered:

Binagoongan Baboy

One friend of mine is a big fan of Binagoongang Baboy. I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to order that. Haha!

Sizzling Sisig

One of my orders, I think I was craving for sisig back then. It was good and satisfying, but not comparable to my favorite places to get sisig (Gilligan’s and Gerry’s).

Kinilaw na Tuna

My dad makes great kinilaw na tanigue or tuna, and I grew up loving it. For me, this version lacked sourness and spice, but was good nonetheless.

Bicol Express

Why did I even include this picture when I don’t have anything to say about it? I’m scared of Bicol Express. I tasted the real thing during my visit to Bicol when I was a lot younger. I guess I didn’t like it then, and I’m still not ready to give it a chance now. 😆

Kalkag Rice

I originally wanted the shrimp rice, but they were out of it when we visited. I chose the Kalkag rice next, it’s still shrimp after all. It was good. We ordered the large plate, which was too much, even for four people.

I don’t think I can really review this restaurant properly, when we only had the rice and kinilaw for “seafood”. Haha! However, I think that Seafood Island is an ideal place for big families, or for celebrations. They have a lot of group meals called Boodles, that can serve 5-7 people. From what I read from other people’s review, the Boodles are worth every piso. 😛

The branch we visited was at UP Ayala TechnoHub, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Foodie Friday. I hope I can do this again soon!
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Random Rants:

  • Midterms week! It’s depressing, really.
  • I’m blogging to de-stress. I’m also watching my fave YouTuber, emilynoel83!
  • Oh how my miss the carefree life.
  • This entry was poorly done. I even forgot to put watermarks! Ha! Too lazy to do that now. Pictures were iPhone pics, anyway!
  • If you’re reading this right after it was published, I’m currently taking an exam! (Imagine me really focused, possibly fidgeting)

5 responses to “Foodie Friday: Seafood Island

  1. All the food looks good! The Bicol Express I have tried several times is really hot & spicy and can quickly become CR Express, lol. That is a large platter of rice. Pineapple rice is one of my favorite local rice specialty dishes in Negros Occidental.
    Have a great weekend!

    ~ Gary ~

    • Haha! CR express is never good. I never heard of pineapple rice before! It sounds like something one will have for dessert! Happy weekend to you, too!
      Thanks for always reading! 🙂

  2. You are welcome, Thea, concerning reading your blog. I don’t follow many but yours is one.

    Pineapple rice has many recipes and different versions but our version is simply fried rice with diced pineapple. I’ve also had the Thai version, which is served in a hollowed out pineapple and the rice itself has pineapple chunks and sometimes coconut added. The coconut is an added treat.

    ~ Gary ~

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