Every Other Two Months?

So, is blogging every other 2 months a thing for me now? I really hope not. Remember when I used to blog almost every day? I miss that.

A lot, lot, lot has happened, and this wouldn’t be my catching up entry. It’s the Friday before out first major exams! Wish me luck!

I would just like to show you guys what will be keeping me company for my exam week!

Dolce Gusto Piccolo

My new Dolce Gusto Piccolo! I’ve had it for a week now. I chose Vanilla Latte Macchiato for the free capsules. I already purchased a stronger flavor, Lungo, for my exam week.

The thing about this that I liked the least, is that you have to measure the water you put in the maker, since it turns all the water you put, into coffee. I learned that the hard way, though. I placed the maximum amount of water, and it just didn’t stop. I made a big mess, and wasted a capsule. 😦 Anyway, after that, it was all good! I use a measuring cup, just to be on the safe side. I love it!

A box of the special flavors (Vanilla Latte, Caramel Macchiato, etc.), makes 8 cups. That’s 50 pesos each cup. Way cheaper than Starbucks. The stronger flavors make 16 cups per box, which at 25 pesos, is even cheaper. You could just buy the Espresso one, and then add milk and sugar. Espresso wasn’t available at SM North, so I got the last box of Lungo. It’s almost the same, anyway.

That’s it for my entry for today. I just had to post about my coffee maker. Oh! Look at my adorable cupcake cup! Little things make my day brighter! πŸ™‚

Don’t miss me too much!


I bought the coffee maker with my own money. This is not a very detailed review so why should I explain myself? Haha!

Random Rants:

  • I have this new obsession with cups, mugs, tumblers, and the like. I have more cups than plates here in my dorm room.
  • I posted entries a month ago on my beauty blog, be sure to check that out at Beauty Rants by Thea
  • I asked my friends to come with me to SM North just to be able to buy my Caffe Lungo
  • I don’t have time to blog because whenever I have time, I choose to sleep
  • Every Thursday, I sleep like I haven’t slept for a week. No text message or alarm could wake me up. I’m like Sleeping Beauty. Only my true love’s kiss would wake me up, and no one here would be able to give me that! Ha!

3 responses to “Every Other Two Months?

  1. Thank you for sharing the latest technology about coffee making! SM Bacolod has Dolce Gusto but I was not sure what to make of it. Now, I know.

    It is nice hearing from you again. Have a groovy Sunday. Good luck on your exams!

    ~ Gary ~

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