My 23rd

A super late post about my birthday. My birthday was during the latter part of October, as some of you might remember from last year. I didn’t have anything planned, since I was waiting for some (bad) news, and I didn’t feel like celebrating. The bad news came and I cried my eyes out. I’m telling you this to explain why I look like crap in the pictures. Haha!

Anyway, the bad news is all good now. I was able to turn it around.

I’m not writing this to be able to NOT tell you about the bad news, but to just show off my amazing friends! They chose a different time to “surprise” me this year. Birthday surprises kind of became a tradition that they don’t really surprise us anymore. It’s just a matter of when we choose to do it. Haha!

They made me happy that day. They totally cheered me up with their balloons and mustache!

Hope you also have awesome friends by your side!


Random Rants:

  • Thought I’d write a second entry today and post it in the middle of my exam week. So by the time this goes out, I’m probably taking a very difficult test. Haha!
  • We don’t have Monday classes, yay!
  • I won’t be going home this weekend. Hope the time away from family would be productive!

4 responses to “My 23rd

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Thea! October is Birthday month for us since mine is October 25 and our son’s Birthday is October 31.

    It is good that your bad news is no longer bad. I learned long ago that rather than just weathering the storm, I should dance in the rain. A good friend of mine says the same thing, whether he receives good news or bad news and that is, “Praise the Lord!”

    Take care,

    ~ Gary ~

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